What is best for the Patio, Wood or Aluminum Patio Roof?

Jun 2nd

Aluminum patio roof, such as in aluminum-covered courtyards, offer more protection against fire than wooden decks. Aluminum is not flammable, and fire must not pass through it. However, fires can spread through and through wooden patio tops. It is safer to use wood with a fire resistant treatment than untreated wood. Although both types of wood are less safe than aluminum.

Aluminum patio roof is a soft metal. So, rats and mice can gnaw on it just as they can gnaw on the decks of a wooden patio. Some pests, however, prefer wooden patio decks instead of aluminum ones. For example, termites, carpenter ants, and wood-boring beetles tend to damage wood. The use of a preservative that repels water can help prevent insect damage to the patio’s wooden decks.

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Both the aluminum patio and the wood patio roof provide shade protection. But they can behave differently when it comes to temperature control. The lighter roof covers generally reflect more light and maintain a cooler area than the dark roof covers. Aluminum patio roof is often more reflective and more likely to maintain a cool patio compared to the darkened decks of a wooden patio. However, both types of patio covers reflect a large amount of warm sunlight when they are painted with a reflective coating.


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