Special Use Rubber Patio Tiles

Jun 25th

Rubber patio tiles combine strength, beauty and functionality. In this note we will see some of its characteristics. The options for covering the floors of your work are vast and varied. Among them you will find elegant, functional floors, for high and low traffic. And rubber floors are the ones chosen for areas of good traffic, including commercial uses, workplaces and homely rooms. They are easy to maintain and with a huge variety in terms of finishes.

What are rubber patio tiles? These are sheets in square or rectangular forms. That is, in tiles or in rolls that can be deploy, which can be accommodate in long corridors or rooms alike. Its thickness (never more than 4 millimeters) is standard. So you can combine both versions from your tastes in regard to aesthetics.

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They are place directly on the subfloor, adhered with a specific and safe product for this material. Although they can also be place on tiles, ceramics or on any existing floor, using a double-contact cement, specifically formulated. The main advantage of the rubber patio tiles is its warmth and also practicality in use. It has great resistance to traffic and rubbing, and is very easy to maintain, requiring a barely humid day cleaning and a deep wet cleaning every 10 to 12 days, depending on the use given and the activities carried out there.

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