How to Paint French Country Living Room Furniture

Apr 4th
White French Country Living Room Furniture
White French Country Living Room Furniture

French Country Living Room Furniture – Painting raises individuality of a person, especially when painting something that they own and use often. Painting country wood furniture gives you a great area to give it a special one-of-a-kind look. Painting country wood furniture will take some preparation, but the results will give you years of reliability and daily use.


Remove any screws, nuts and bolts that are attached to the French Country Living Room Furniture with a screwdriver or drill. Wash wood furniture with a commercial cleaning solvent or a mixture of some detergent to four parts hot water with a sponge. Rinse and allow drying for 15 to 20 minutes. Sand over the rough spots or paint chipping with 100-slip paper until the wooden furniture is smooth. When sanded, wipe a clean please wipe over those areas to remove loose sanding dust. Place a plastic or cloth in your work area to protect the floor from paint drops and spillage.

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Determine whether a primer should be used before painting French Country Living Room Furniture. If the surface is glossy, you should spray a layer of primer over wooden furniture to create a bondable surface. If the wood is unpainted, you can skip primer. Spray primer all over the country wood furniture starts with the inside to the outside. Use a sweeping motion from left to right to create a still layer of primer. Let the primer dry as suggested on the jar. Open the color can and touch the color with a wooden resilience stick. Pour the paint into the paint bag and dip the brush in the paint.

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