Ideas of Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

Sep 9th
Top Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops
Top Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

Butcher block kitchen countertops are a larger version of the wood butcher block. These maple or mahogany countertops are usually installed next to the stove, sink or on an island kitchen. They can be of any size to suit your needs. Once you have purchased a hardwood of your choice, the rest is just a matter of cutting and assembly.

Ideas for build butcher block kitchen countertops. Measure your fight against space with a measuring tape and write down the dimensions. Cutting lines Mark with a pencil on your wooden floor to match the dimensions of the fight against space. Put on your safety glasses and a dust mask. Cut the wood along the measurement marks with a circular saw. Place the block of hard butcher’s wood in the fight against the frame to ensure a proper fit. Remove the butcher block and set aside.

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Apply a drop of wood glue along the counter frame and then set the butcher block in place. Secure with clamps and let the glue dries overnight. Wipe off excess glue with a damp cloth. Remove the clamps and sand from the counter butcher block with fine-grained sandpaper to smooth out and remove the chips. Clean the butcher block with a sticky rag that will lift up all the sanding sawdust, and then wipe it with running water. Dry with a rag and rub in linseed oil on the butcher block with a clean cloth. Let the oil penetrate the butcher block. Apply a layer of polyurethane to finish your butcher block kitchen countertops. Let the polyurethane dry, as long as recommended by the manufacturer, then it is ready for use.

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