Ideal Free Standing Patio Cover

May 27th

Incorporate the same elements in the decoration of the free standing patio cover while you have in your surroundings. Choose a single color palette of flowers and plants throughout the yard. This creates a unified look for your deck and the surrounding garden area. Another option is to use flowers of different colors that all belong to the same family for a sense of cohesion for your patio.

Be careful with the flowers or shrubs you choose for the free standing patio cover. However, because some may attract insects. For plants that require containers, make sure the styles are similar throughout the yard. One option is to use large containers for all plants, regardless of their size, which helps to give the landscape a uniform appearance.

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Because your deck may be elevated above the rest of your yard, consider the height of the plants that are selected for the free standing patio cover. And the surrounding garden. In a large patio, ornamental trees. Or decorative plants with height around the perimeter ensure that the plants will be visible from the deck. Another option is to create a smooth transition from the deck to the lower area of ​​the patio by using the taller plants near the deck and gradually reducing their size as the plants reach the grass.


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