Driftwood Coffee Table Unique Material

Jul 18th
Driftwood Coffee Table Style
Driftwood Coffee Table Style

Driftwood Coffee Table – Sensitive to temperature and season variations, wood is a material that is difficult to maintain, unlike glass. So to keep the quality and brightness of a wooden coffee table, regular maintenance is essential. Lacquered wood comes in various styles. The so-called “modern” coffee table is just coated with a lacquered finish, while the glossy look is a reflection of a special painting. Ancestral wood is difficult to clean and requires special attention. This is because this type of material is much more sensitive to shock and scratches easily.

However, once lacquered, it becomes much more resistant because the lacquer protects against stains and breaks. This does not prevent you from paying a lot of attention and special precautions on your part. Thus for a driftwood coffee table covered with varnish, it is necessary to use a soft cloth to dust off the shiny surface. An aerosol product improves its brightness. Note that waxed wood is very delicate when it comes to scratches.

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Do not hesitate to use encaustic at most twice a year. The maintenance of a driftwood coffee table without varnish, without paint or without wax is not a part of the pleasure. Natural wood is indeed very vulnerable. To do the actual cleaning, you must use a toothbrush dipped in hot water and black soap. You can then apply a little wax or oil to protect the surface of the table.

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