Different Stamped Concrete Patio Vs Pavers

Jul 4th
Unique Stamped Concrete Patio vs Pavers
Unique Stamped Concrete Patio vs Pavers

Stamped Concrete Patio Vs Pavers afford homeowners interest and intrigue in an elegant and unique way. While most punched floors are created as such, it is fully possible to transform an existing concrete floor into a stamped artwork. Some deliveries and one day value of work will provide a transformation so delicious you wonder why you have been waiting for so long to complete the project. Start by visiting your local home and garden store for some supplies, and maybe even some ideas.


Sweep existing the cement floor so it is free from dust and dirt. Set your Stamped Concrete Patio Vs Pavers just outside the cement area. Mix the pasta with water to a durable thickness in the mixing container. When using a dye, add the desired amount at this time. Work the floor in thirds, spread concrete tops with a mislead and even to a thickness of 3/8 inches. If Pasto seems to thicken too fast in the container, simply add a little more water and mix again. This process can be repeated as needed until all Pasto has been applied to the floor.

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Stamped Concrete Patio Vs Pavers to the appropriate place and press firmly. Gently pull the stamp from cement topping. Repeat the applications until the remaining 2/3 of the floor is superimposed and stamped. Allow stamped concrete peaks to dry for twelve hours. Apply waterproof sealant to the dried floor with a long-sharpened paint roller. Use a brush to get into corners or difficult areas. Allow the sealant to dry for 24 hours before stamping on the stamped concrete floor.

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