Building Outdoor Swing with Canopy

Feb 23rd
Wooden Outdoor Swing with Canopy
Wooden Outdoor Swing with Canopy

Outdoor swing with canopy – spring and summer is prime time for outlays. With warmer weather, the risk of overexposure to the sun’s bright rays. Protect your children as they stumble upon their swing by constructing a canopy that provides cool shadow for summer games.


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Outdoor swing with canopy measure the area and parameter of the play area to be covered by the tree crowns. Mark four corners with space markers like a large stone, tent pole or other visible point. Buy awning cloth at a home improvement store. Have it cut and matched to your game area’s measurements. You four holes that are two feet deep with fence pole holes digger. You can delete the cursors after you have done this.

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Screw a large eye screw at the end of each fence post outdoor swing with canopy. Lower the posts in the four holes you have created with the eye the screw ends. Pack the dirt you took away when digging holes around each post. Pour 10 pounds of gravel into each whole insert and pack it tight to secure the posts. You should have a decent amount of gravel above ground. Hammer and feeder in each of the four corners of your awning canvas, follow the instructions on the kit package.

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