12 X 15 Area Rug Double Stick Installation

Feb 12th
12 X 15 Area Rug Stores Near Me
12 X 15 Area Rug Stores Near Me

12 X 15 Area Rug – Double stick carpet installations are ideal for basements, games rooms and service areas. This type of do-it-yourself soil project is a quick remodel solution, especially in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. Double-stick tape is the fastest and cleanest to apply the carpet in this type of flooring installation. It is safe and odor-free and does not require cleaning tool after installation. It is also the easiest to remove and replace when the time comes for the new carpet.

Pull the 12 x 15 area rug from the wall and remove the protective cover on the tape. Push the carpet down on the tape leaving the three inches to the side of the wall. Use the straight edge of metal if necessary to push the carpet into place. Unroll the carpet a few feet. Remove the protective tape cover along the perimeter and on the X’s and press the carpet in place. It stops after a few feet and observe the corners for a moment, they must have excess carpet in them.

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Cut a “V” in the corners of the carpet using the carpet knife to remove the excess and creating the corner. Start with a small V and delve into it, as necessary to get the best result. Use the pointed knife and the metal straight rug and move towards the center of the original starting wall. Place the metal edge parallel to the wall where the floor and the wall, and push it against the wall and down on the carpet. Use the carpet knife to trim the excess carpet, placing the knife between the wall and the straight edge of 12 x 15 area rug.

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